The Original Swanage Triathlon Festival

3rd July 2022 | 6:00am

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There are always questions that you might have, the common ones are answered below.

What time does it start?

First starts will be around 0630. Head to your account to find your specific start time.

What are the routes for the Long Swim?

The long swim will be laps. There will be an Aussie exit on each lap. This means you will swim to the shore line, be able to take a drink and run back into the water for your next lap. The routes are on the website however it is always subject to change (weather conditions, number of entrants, etc) The route will be clearly marked by buoys and plenty of kayakers guiding you.

How will registration work?

You will register online. About 7 days before event day we will send you an email. You will then need to complete the Competitor Responsibility Statement and Covid Health Screening Questionnaire online. This avoids the queue at number pick up. You must do this otherwise you will not be able to get your race number. If you have missed any email you can find it by going to your account.

Do I need a wetsuit?

Yes, we encourage everyone to wear a wetsuit. If you an experienced skins swimmer and taking part in the long swim, we ask that you use a tow float instead of a wetsuit (please bring your own). We also follow BTF rules so if the water temp is between 14 and 22 degrees wetsuits are optional.

Where do I find my race number?

Head to and complete the competitor statement and covid screening first. This will then show your race number and start time.

Can spectators come?

Yes! Swanage is an awesome weekend to bring the fan club. There will be a coffee van and pizza van at Sandpit field to keep your spectators fed and watered!