CE Mission STF Training

Are you wanting to do your first triathlon and don't know where to start? Maybe you are wanting to improve your time or your distance?

Sign up for Mission STF and our dedicated coaches will meet with you and talk through your goals, they will find out what you want to achieve and how to get you there, ensuring that your plan is achievable.

Signup for Mission STF

The Coach will set you plan using Training Peaks and you will get special access to the Mission SFT facebook group/whats app group where you can share your stories, ask questions and get support from the other members of the squad!

We find that having a community around you and the coaches there to support you really makes a difference to you achieving that goal.

There will be a guided swim recce and bike recce of the course so you are fully prepared and confident to smash it on race day!

Also included in the package onto on top of the 8 or 12 weeks of coaching is a Nutrition plan with support and guidance, Life Style Guidance and a Fatigue Management which previous members have found valuable.

Brought individually its costs well over £400, sign up now from only £257 and that includes race entry!

There are limited places to ensure that each person gets the attention from the coach they deserve.

Signup for Mission SFT